This Mom Loves is on hiatus while we plan the next jam-packed season! It’s time for everyone to catch up on the episodes you may have missed – plus I’m hoping you’ll share the show with your friends too!

Each episode begins with one or more of my favourite things: books, beauty products, apps, anything goes – my heated vest, shellac manicures and pet rabbit were all discussed! Next is the lifestyle segment, which has run the gamut: parenting hacks, saving money on bills, eating out with kids, educational apps, giving back, social media cleanouts, dealing with lice, tips for productivity and for simplifying life, the perfect gift for a new mom…the list goes on!

The highlight of every episode is an interview with a special guest. So far it’s been all women (though I’m not opposed to male guests!), with a mix of high-profile ladies and some you may not have heard about before.

Not sure how to listen to This Mom Loves, or what a podcast even is? I have you covered with step-by-step instructions here! (It just takes one click to listen online – I promise, it’s super easy!)

The amazing guests who have joined me (click to go straight to the episode):

  1. Kortney Wilson (Masters of Flip)
  2. Cynthia Loyst (The Social)
  3. Royal expert Amanda Dishaw
  4. The Child Whisperer Carol Tuttle
  5. Etiquette expert Lisa Orr
  6. Jessica Holmes (writer, comedian, actor)
  7. Allison Bell (on loss and resilience)
  8. Favourite Things Special
  9. Debbie Travis
  10. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam
  11. Entrepreneur Jenna Herbut
  12. An “Ask Me Anything” Episode
  13. Sleep expert Alanna McGinn
  14. Meredith Kirk (design, real estate and celebrity gossip culture)
  15. Money maven Melissa Leong
  16. Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe on women’s health
  17. Tracy Moore (Cityline)
  18. Fiddler Natalie MacMaster
  19. Favourite Things – The Listeners’ Edition
  20. Farah Nasser (Global News)
  21. Miss Minimalist Francine Jay
  22. Jillian Harris
  23. Parenting writer Ann Douglas
  24. Lisa Durante (working mom consultant)
  25. Kerrie Hansler (Sweet Reads Box)
  26. Siblings Q & A with parenting consultant Caron Irwin
  27. Sarah Richardson (Sarah Off the Grid)

As always, I want to thank you so much for your support! When you download, rate, review or even just tell a colleague at work about the show you can make a big difference!

Now, back to booking next season’s fabulous guests!

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