Eating out with kids, abandoning books and a jam-packed ask me anything! Listeners sent in their questions related to education, beauty, organization, podcasting, TV and more…including my most embarrassing moments! The season finale of This Mom Loves is the most personal one yet!

Important links mentioned in this episode

The book I recommended: Watching You by Lisa Jewell

10 Commandments For Eating Out With Kids

Where Kids Eat Free In Canada

Microneedling Facials: My Review

The Hosts of The Social: Interview and Behind-the-scenes

Some Kate Middleton fashion accounts to follow:

What Would Kate Do, Kate’s Closet, Budget Duchess, Royal Replikate, Royally Broke, The Royal Watcher

In “ask me anything”, I answer questions like:

“What have been your most embarrassing moments?”

“If you know that your child is ahead in a subject, is it better to have him feel confident and review or move further ahead and challenge them?”

“Are the hosts of The Social nice in real life?”

“Where do you find Kate Middleton repliKate clothing?”

“How do you organize receipts?”

“Were you this organized when your girls were babies, and if so, share your secrets!”

“What are some ways to keep kiddos active and learning through the winter?”

“What have you learned about podcasting so far that has surprised you?”

“What is your daily skincare and makeup routine like?”

Be sure to listen for the answers to these questions and more!

Thanks as always to my editor, Lukas Wojcicki!

Season 2 of This Mom Loves is only a few weeks away!

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