Meredith Kirk chats about interior design (she gets the credit for my big reno), real estate, parenting, faith and celebrity gossip culture (she’s also the sister of retired NHLer Mike Fisher and sister-in-law of country singer Carrie Underwood). Plus I share six ways to simplify life (I’m all about simplifying!) and reasons why we should keep reading to our big kids – with book suggestions!

You can find Meredith Kirk on Instagram and Facebook.

If you want some first-person (i.e., not tabloid) information on Carrie Underwood’s difficult 2017, she talks to CBS about her three miscarriages and to Bobby Bones about the fall she took at home resulting in 40-50 stitches on her face and a broken wrist.

Here’s my full post with 6 Ways To Simplify Life.

As mentioned, Eva and I just finished The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and now we’re reading Auggie & Me: 3 Wonder Stories.

Thank you to my amazing podcast editor, Lukas Wojcicki!

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