Award-winning fiddler Natalie MacMaster (also a mom of seven) talks music, marriage, parenting, faith and her dream collaboration – let’s spread the word to make it happen! I also share a meaningful film and the power of a lunchtime walk!

It’s particularly fun to interview a friend for the podcast (and to do it in person), and Natalie MacMaster fans will enjoy hearing her speak so openly throughout the in-depth episode!

You can find more about Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy and their family on their website. Natalie is also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and the MacMaster Leahy Kids’ updates are on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s my 2011 Momterview with Natalie MacMaster – before we ever met!

The movie I recommended in this episode is What They Had.

If you’re new to This Mom Loves, you can find all the past podcast episodes here.

Thanks to my wonderful editor, Lukas Wojcicki!

3 comments on “Ep 18: Special guest Natalie MacMaster talks music, marriage, parenting, faith and more, plus I discuss the power of a lunchtime walk”

  1. Kate, I thoroughly enjoyed your #18 podcast with Natalie MacMaster. I love all the topics you covered and it is so refreshing to hear Natalie speak about her family and their careers and life. She is definitely one of my favourite fiddle idols and what I love about her the most is how personable she is, so grounded and a genuine gentle, caring, and talented woman who inspires me in many ways even beyond the music.

  2. I first saw and heard Natalie in Biston, Massachusetts when she was about 16.She was traveling with other great young musicians as part if the “Tree for Boston”event I think. I was hooked on her music immediately. Years later after following her I had the pleasure of meeting her.Our grandaughter Ella (who had the chance to dance on stage for Natalie a few times) always brought her a bag of Lindt Chicolates when we saw her in concert, something I still do to this day. This was such a wonderful interview. Natalie’s true personality shown through. She is a kind, loving and very generous person with so much to offer to the world. We call her and Donnelly a “The Dynamic Duo”.

  3. I have been a big fan of Natalie McMaster for years and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your interview with her giving a glimpse into everyday life and how she makes family and music all come together. She is such an inspiration!

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