My very special guest, online lifestyle maven Jillian Harris, answers questions about her business success, her Instagram strategy, the biggest design mistake people make, the misconception people have about her and more!

You can find Jillian on her website, as well as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The new season of Love It or List It Vancouver premieres April 1st on HGTV Canada. You can find the show on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In this episode of the podcast I also share my tips for improving your smartphone photos, including using Jillian’s photo editing presets. I purchased them for mobile and love them! You can find the presets here.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to ask Jillian all of the questions sent in by listeners. I will save some for next time!

If you’re interested, my previous Q & A for the blog with Jillian and fiancé Justin in 2017 is here. On an interesting note: the first time I interviewed Jillian back in 2013, I asked her for three items from her bucket list. Her response: “Definitely a couple of kids, more travel (can’t get enough!) and finishing the reno on my house in Kelowna.” I think she’s done well!

If you’re new to the podcast, you can find previous episodes of This Mom Loves (with guests like Kortney Wilson, Cynthia Loyst, Tracy Moore, Debbie Travis, Natalie MacMaster and more) here!

Thanks as always to my podcast editor, Lukas Wojcicki!

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