Registered Social Workers Tracy Condon and Laura Koekkoek of CK Social Work are here to unpack all of the issues associated with women’s friendships: making friends, keeping friends, growing apart or breaking up with friends…we covered it all in this fun chat! Thanks to a listener for suggesting this interview topic – what a great idea! – and all those who submitted their questions for Tracy and Laura. I’m also sharing staycation tips and a nonfiction book reco.

Just a reminder that if you have extended health coverage through your benefits, you are very likely covered for counseling with a social worker. If you live in my area you will want to look into CK Social Work, but no matter where you live you can find a counselor for you, your partner or your child (or a combination thereof) – it could make a huge difference!

Also in this episode:

The book I recommend is Maid by Stephanie Land.

Here is my post with staycation tips and ideas.

The past episodes I referred to (some of the most-downloaded to date):

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