I know, I know, the title is a bit of a wordy mish-mash (which covers a huge range of parenting phases), but today I want to share links to my most recent published articles.

From Today’s Parent:

Newborn Guide to Infant Poop (I joked on Twitter that this was the “dirtiest” article I’ve written yet!)

Kids and Performance Anxiety (this one applies to sports, music, classroom, etc. “Stage fright” can happen anywhere!)

From Parents Canada:

The Loose Tooth Guide (when they’ll fall out, what to expect, and some Tooth Fairy tidbits thrown in)

Teen Shaving Tips (maybe not just for teens. My eight year old has already noted her lack of appreciation for her dark leg hair. Sorry, kiddo.)

Thanks to all of the amazing parents and sources who contributed to these articles. I couldn’t do it without you! Plus a shout out to the supportive editors that I’m lucky enough to work with!

I have a few more exciting things in the works…I’ll keep you posted!

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