You can always count on Hallmark to have you covered for gift-giving occasions. Here are my favourites for two special June events: Father’s Day and Graduation! (Plus a little hint if anyone’s shopping for me…)

First, the Father’s Day gifts. These ones are currently on the ledge at the back of my classroom, and will be up for grabs as prizes the week before Father’s Day. (This went over really well with the Mother’s Day gifts!)

Harley Davidson – Life Doesn’t Come With a Road Map Tin Sign ($14.95) and Boxed Coaster Set ($24.95). I’m not too sure how many biker dads we have in our class, but there’s certainly a target market for these fun items out there!

StarWars – Yoda Bottle Opener with Sound ($14.95) and Darth Vader Cut-out Desktop Sentiment ($19.95) – may be inspiring in the workplace!

Dad’s Remote Novelty Gift ($14.95, $9.95 with any purchase) – sure to make Dad laugh, buttons include “bad call”, “power nap” and “the game is on”!

Love You Dad Book ($11.99) – This one’s got adorable National Geographic photos of animals and sweet sentiments for Dads

Magic Prints Frame and Travel Tumbler ($14.95) – Daddy would love to receive one of these gifts from a little one to always have them close…their handprint, anyway! (Moms…I’m not sure about you, but I see enough of the handprints! Just kidding. Sort of.)

Now we’re moving on to Grad. These gifts are going to be put to good use as well. Every year, I get my Grade 3’s to write about how they envision their Grade 8 Graduation. What will they wear? Who will come? Who will their best friends be? Their favourite subject/sport/show, etc.? Then I tuck them away in my filing cabinet. When the students reach Grade 8, I go back to their class and play a fun guessing game, where they try to figure out who said what, five years earlier, and give them back their work as a souvenir. This will be my third time revisiting my former students, and I plan to give away these great Hallmark gifts as prizes for our guessing game.
Accordion Display Board Album ($12.95)

Autograph Owl with Pen ($16.95, special $12.95)

Sculpted Sentiments ($14.95) – this one’s a lock that says “Unlock your potential”. There’s also a beautiful typewriter that says “Write your own story” on it…and while I’m not a father or a graduate, if anyone’s looking to buy me a gift I’d love that one!

One-of-a Kind Creations 2014 Frame ($24.95, save 30% before June 16th) – in partnership with Shutterfly, you can upload a photo and have it send to you free, precut and ready to slide into your frame.

Thanks for all of the great ideas, Hallmark!

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