It’s the halfway mark of the school year, and I was back at The Social to share information about report cards and parent/teacher interviews.

This time my mom was my date – and I think she really enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at how the show operates.


Thanks to Le Chateau for again hooking me up with a gorgeous outfit (yes, that’s a dress, and yes, those are pockets!) as well as the shoes, earrings and bracelets. Hair is by Andrea Zarlenga and makeup by Stephanie Cruz (who, coincidentally, was headed to a parent/teacher interview for her child that very afternoon!)


This time I was chatting with Cynthia Loyst and Marci Ien, and as always, the hosts were warm, supportive and positive – even those who weren’t in the segment (Lainey was very kind afterwards, and Jess told me it was my best segment yet. Which she has said before, so either she’s just always super kind or I keep improving!)

Video of the segment can be found below. I say this every time, but please know how much I appreciate the support I receive from you, whether in person, through email/text or over social media. It never gets old!


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