I feel like Jennifer Reid (wife of singer Johnny Reid) found the perfect Valentine this year:

Would you be angry at your partner if he (or she) watched the next Netflix episode without you? Are you guilty of sneaking in an episode or two yourself? For shame!

A recent survey showed that 46% of global Netflix viewers are guilty of streaming behind their partner’s backs, compared to 37% in Canada – not a shocker that we’re nicer than the international average, right?

I have to say I’m glad hubby was on holidays when we started watching The Crown, because if he had the excuse of work to slow down our binge-watch I just may have had to continue without him. Speaking of this awesome Netflix original, I can’t wait to interview Claire Foy when I’m in London in July. (No, that’s not a real thing, I’m just trying the whole put-it-out-into-the-universe theory…maybe it will come true.)

When looking for a new Netflix series, I asked my Facebook followers whether we should go with Suits or Homeland. The overwhelming response was Suits, so we dove in. At first we were both loving it, but once my husband said, “Go ahead and watch the next one without me,” I knew we were in trouble. (This happened many times in the days of PVRing shows, and it always meant that he had lost interest in the show and I would be watching it alone for the rest of the series.)

Now I can continue with Suits guilt-free (and I’m still enjoying it, especially with the filmed-in-Toronto and girlfriend-of-Prince-Harry connections), but we did also start Homeland, which was much more appealing to my husband, so I wait to watch every episode with him. I swear.

Now, admit it…are you a Netflix cheater? Or maybe you’re a victim who doesn’t even know it. There must be a support group for that.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive swag and perks as part of my membership. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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