You probably wouldn’t believe how many tweens and teens are harming themselves to deal with the emotions they’re facing.

My latest article for Parents Canada magazine talks about who’s doing it, why, warning signs, and what to do if your child is engaging in self-harm (or if you have suspicions). You’re not alone, and help is out there.

Even if you’ve never gone through this with your child, you still may want to read this article, as the expert I spoke with (Dr. Susan MacKenzie from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) offered tips for bringing up the subject and keeping lines of communication open.

With Children’s Mental Health week coming up next week, it’s the perfect time to learn more.

1 comment on “Cutting/Self-Harm: My Latest Parents Canada Article”

  1. Fantastic topic Kate. This is epidemic and scary for parents. I think the key comment here is the non-judgemental approach from parents. If the parent reacts with frustration and the child feels shame, it closes more doors for that child.
    Sad story.


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