I’m excited to share a link to an article that I had a lot of fun writing: a wedding flashback from Ben and Jessica Mulroney for the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Today’s Bride magazine.

I thought current brides-to-be might be interested in some photos, memories and advice from a couple who have already been down the aisle (back in 2008), and while I won’t be planning a wedding again (until I help my girls!) I still thought it was neat to get perspectives from both Ben and Jess on their weekend-long nuptials. Wait ’til you see the shot of their “Hallowedding”!


Photo courtesy Ben and Jessica Mulroney

Check out all the details and more pics here:

You can also read my Momterview with Jessica Mulroney here.

P.S. What a difference a few years makes! Ben and Jessica are now the proud parents of twin sons Brian and John and daughter Ivy.


Photo by JJ Thompson

Which Canadian couple’s wedding flashback would you like to see featured in Today’s Bride? Let me know!

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