Jessica Mulroney is one busy woman. Wife and mother of twin boys, she is also a Style Expert for Birks Jewellery, and is helping spread the word about the new Skinny Cow lower-calorie chocolate treats. Jessica kindly agreed to answer a few questions for This Mom and my readers.



This Mom: You’re from Montreal – a city I love to visit, but so far not with kids. Any recommendations for things to do in Montreal with my girls (ages 5 and 7)?

Jessica Mulroney: The Old Port of Montreal is a family-friendly destination with street performers, carriage rides and lots of great food — but I would make that trip in the summer, otherwise the only thing that you will remember from that trip will be the COLD!

TM: Your husband is, of course, e-Talk’s Ben Mulroney. Do you get the chance to meet many celebs through him, and are you still star-struck about anyone or does it all seem like no big deal now?

JM: I have met a few celebrities, like Michael Bublé, but when we meet, it is often in social settings: dinner or just hanging out, so they never seem like celebrities to me, just regular people.

Ben and Jessica with twins Brian and John

TM: Where do you go for parenting advice?

JM: My first stop for parenting advice is my parents and in-laws. After that, other family members, like Ben’s sister who has 4 kids. I have to admit webMD has saved me a few times! Although I try not to get answers from the web, there are some great mommy blogs like Savvy Mom that I do enjoy reading.

TM: What milestones have your twins reached lately?

JM: Counting to 10 in French was a big one! That was just today and I couldn’t believe how quickly they picked up a second language.

TM: I’m sure when it comes to your in-laws, most people ask about Ben’s dad (former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney), but I actually want to know how Mila is doing. When I was a kid, I thought that (next to my own mom) she must be the coolest mom ever. I even wrote her fan letters and still have the replies she sent me! So, what is she up to these days?

JM: She is absolutely amazing. She still travels the world with her husband, but finds time to be a grandmother to (soon to be) 10 grandkids! And when we spend time with them in Montreal or Florida, the house is always warm and inviting. Add to that her various charitable causes and she has more on her plate than most women I know.

Yep, still have ’em!

TM: While it seems like Spring has barely sprung, I know you took in Fall Fashion Week in Toronto not long ago. What are some of the trends for 2013 that caught your eye?

JM: I always enjoy Fashion Week in Toronto. Canadian designers are on the cusp of breaking through internationally. Supporting them and our Fashion Week is a major step in helping achieve that goal. If our designers can have a world class showcase for their talent, it won’t be long before the rest of the world catches on. Here are some of the most wearable trends for fall 2013:

1) Green, green and more green… every shade to fit your need.

2) Statement Coats… Splurge on a great over the top coat next season as you would a pair of shoes! It will instantly glam up your look!

3) Rounded Shoulders… It sounds scary but actually looks quite elegant. Whether it is in a sweater or a cocktail dress, this look is definitely in for Fall.

4) Classic patterns… lots of pinstripes and plaids mixed with solid turtlenecks. A look that never seems to go out of style!!!

TM: Why put your support behind the new Skinny Cow products (I love them too, by the way)?

JM: I think it is important to remember to indulge, but to do so intelligently. If we deprive ourselves of decadence, then, in a moment of weakness, we can undo all of the hard work we have done. Skinny Cow gives us all the chance to feel like we are cheating, even though we aren’t!


Thanks, Jessica!

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  1. Jessica is gorgeous – and has fantastic style. I'll have to try the Skinny Cow treats. Of course, I always treat myself to a new lipstick on payday, that saves calories too!

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