This Mom Loves is looking for some enthusiastic guest bloggers for the Spring and Summer seasons!

Do you have a particular area of expertise or top-ten-tips to share with my readers? Photos and ideas for a birthday party theme you’ve tried out? Perhaps you could post about the family attractions in the major city closest to you, or share information about a parent or child topic that’s near and dear to your heart? Do you have before-and-afters of a great reno or project? Or maybe you’re hoping to get some exposure for your own blog or business and you’re willing to write about anything?


  • I’m open to a large range of topics, but please be familiar with my blog before making a suggestion. I often cover parenting issues, education, organization, decorating, health, books and other types of entertainment. (Pretty much the all-encompassing “Lifestyle” category, though the recipes are few and far between.)
  • The language here is clean and I don’t get too incredibly controversial, but I certainly welcome opinions that differ from my own.
  • I’d be pleased to have you link to your own blog and/or business (which is usually the point for guest bloggers), but I’m not looking for any product reviews or pseudo-commercials.
  • Photos (of you and/or the topic you’re covering) would be great to enhance your post.

For further information or to inquire, you can leave a comment below or e-mail me: katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca.


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