Disclosure: This product was not a blog freebie; I’m a happy paying customer. It’s too bad I feel the need to state that up front, because hopefully my readers know that I tell the truth about a product either way, but for some this may make my opinion more legit. However, if Jamberry wants to send me some new designs free of charge, I certainly won’t say no!

The credit for my new discovery goes to my friend/school parent Amanda. As we sat in the old-fashioned school house during a class trip to Lang Pioneer Village, my eyes were drawn to her festive nails (just like girls of the 1800’s, right? Okay, maybe not.) She told me they were Jamberry Nail Wraps, and I had to know more!

Amanda put me in contact with her supplier  (doesn’t that sound seedy?) Lindsey and we managed to work the deal over email, money transfer and snail mail. Here’s what I love:

  • Variety of designs: I chose Candy Cane, Cherry Ice, Simply Daisy and Happy-Go-Lucky. 
Cherry Ice (there are lots of solids – matte, glossy and sparkly – if you aren’t into designs)

Happy Go Lucky

Simply Daisy
  • Speedy shipping: this is because I ordered directly from the consultant (http://www.lindz13.jamberrynails.net/) who mailed my order through Canada Post the next day (I had to choose from designs she had in stock), but their online delivery time isn’t too bad either.
  • Cost-effectiveness: I was paying $40 including tip for my gel manicures (regular salon manis are a waste of money since they chip the next day, and I don’t even bother with regular polish at home anymore). These nail wraps were $15 – 17 per sheet, and as you can see in the photo you get enough stickers to do at least 3 applications (can be used on fingers and toes). Plus now I can do them in front of the TV instead of going out!

  • Ease of application. I pulled these out of the mailbox one day after school, and I had an hour to get ready for my CHEX Daily appearance. Makeup was essential, but I had to make a quick decision: curl hair or apply nail wraps? The nails won, as you can see if you watch the segment (host Teresa Kaszuba even asks the cameraman to get a closer look!)  All you do is cut the wrap to fit, blast it with the hair dryer for a few seconds until it’s soft, press it onto the nail, trim off the excess, and heat it again for a few seconds to seal it. This all went well when using my right hand to do my left. Once I switched, I realized I am quite inept at operating nail scissors with my non-dominant hand, and the process took a bit longer! The final step (once the nails were cool) was to file down any little bumps that were left from cutting the ends. Overall, it was very simple, especially considering it was my first time, and no worries about wet nails! As soon as I finished I was right out the door.
Link to CHEX Daily segment:
  • Durability. The wraps are promoted to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 4 weeks on toes. I’m at day 6 right now, with no complaints. A bit of wear is showing at the very tips, but I keep doing a quick file any time a nail or wrap shows signs of a snag. (I’m sure they’ll get better each time, as I get more skilled at the application!)
Thanks for the recommendation, Amanda, and for the great products and service, Lindsey!
To get answers to FAQ’s, go here: http://www.lindz13.jamberrynails.net/home/FAQ.aspx
Next, I’d like to get some Jamberry Juniors for the girls to try out (or maybe even one of the Mommy and Me designs). I occasionally let them paint their nails, but the “safe” kiddie polishes start coming off within hours. Though it does require some nail polish remover to get these wraps off, I still prefer that to having them use adult polish – often full of chemicals, takes so long to dry, and likely to rub off or spill in the process. You know how I hate messes!

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