I know none of my regular readers are here for the recipes…though I think there was one back in 2012. This one, however, is worth sharing.

I’ve been making this recipe for years and it has always been a hit! I even used it as my contribution to the Class Cookbook that my student teacher recently assembled as part of our Social Studies program (family traditions). It’s a combination of a few different recipes and I don’t have anyone to credit specifically, but please let me know if you feel I should be acknowledging someone here.


  • one chocolate cake or brownie mix (or premade product: two-bite brownies work really well!) 
  • one instant chocolate pudding mix
  • one tub whipped topping (buy “Light” if it makes you feel better!)
  • 5 Skor bars (or chocolate bars of your choice)


  • Bake chocolate cake or brownies according to directions (I used to do this the day before so cake would be cool and easy to cut; now I just use the two-bite brownies!) 
  • Thaw whipped topping
  • Cut cake/brownies into small cubes 
  • Chop Skor Bars into small pieces
  • Make pudding according to directions
  • Layer the ingredients: cake on the bottom, then pudding, whipped topping, and Skor pieces. Repeat.

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