So…notice something a bit different?

If you’re reading this directly on the blog, hopefully you can see that This Mom Loves has an entirely new look!

Thanks to the amazingly talented Kassie from The Cutest Blog on the Block, I’ve undergone a complete redesign and I absolutely adore it. I also should say thanks to my hubby for the early Christmas gift!

Me: Do you want to give me a blog redesign for Christmas? That way you won’t have to shop.

Him: (Do I really need to tell you what his answer was? Though I’m pretty sure there’s one more little parcel coming on December 25th.)

So…if you’re reading this through email or elsewhere, please humour me and come on over to check out the new look (you can just click on the title of the email, or this link:

When you check out the new and improved This Mom Loves, you’ll see that Kassie has given me a totally fresh look: a header, background, sidebar icons, new fonts, a button and even a cute little favicon that you might be able to see beside the address bar in your browser.

I am so glad that I went with The Cutest Blog On The Block (not a freebie, by the way, I paid in full…or should I say, hubby did!): there was no wait time at all, the process was very straightforward, and Kassie replied to most of my emails within minutes. She made all the tweaks and changes I asked for, and while I don’t think I was too difficult to deal with, I was picky about certain things – for example, while lower case letters may be trendy, I couldn’t handle having my name and titles not begin with capitals! Maybe it’s a teacher thing!

I also deleted some of my old sidebar gadgets for a more streamlined look, so please take a peek there, too. At the top you’ll see all of the ways you can connect with me (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or through e-mail), followed by a little welcome message, and farther down you can check out the list of all of the celeb Momterviews I’ve done, my published articles (Today’s Parent, Parents Canada, Professionally Speaking, etc.), my blog archive (just in case you’re dying to know what I was writing about in, say, June of 2010), and labels, so you can search by subject.

After three and a half years with the old look I figured it was time to freshen things up, and Kassie certainly did that. I am a bit sad to replace the cute little cartoon image of me reading to the girls, but I’ll always treasure that picture. I’m actually thinking it might look good framed in my office!

Now you know I want to hear your thoughts (especially positive ones!), so please, leave me a note and let me know what you think!

6 comments on “My New Blog Design Revealed! (Merry Early Christmas To Me!)”

  1. New design is cute Kate. I love the yellow on the sides. The hearts are cutesy too. Nicely done.
    I hope you get to unwrap SOMETHING Christmas morning!!

  2. HI Kate,
    I really like the font you chose for your redesign. It's more 'soft' than your other one. The yellow background is nice too. I think having the background helps to focus your eyes in to the centre of the page to your articles.
    What an impressive list of published articles!!!
    Well done!

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