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I was on The Morning Show today talking to Carolyn MacKenzie about keeping kids learning during the extended break!

First time Skyping my interview!

We talked about how worried parents should be about this lost time, whether to expect work from teachers, what teachers really think kids should be doing with the time off, and how to schedule and find resources if you do want to plan some academic time for your kids.

Video here (and I strongly suggest you watch if you’re feeling at all guilty about the homeschooling that is or isn’t happening at your house):


Here’s a roundup of some of my favourite resources (I keep adding to the bottom of the list as I come across good ones!):

12 Museums With Virtual Tours

30 Virtual Field Trips

Curiosity Global Community Centre 

Jack Hartmann YouTube Channel

Extensive List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions

Kids’ Workbooks By Grade/Subject (Canadian content)

Scholastic Learn at Home Program

Storyline Online

Fluency and Fitness

EPIC Digital Library

Cincinatti Zoo Daily Facebook Live

Giant List of Ideas For Being Home With Kids

30 Day Lego Challenge

100 Things To Do At Home During School Closures


CBC Kids

Reading Vine

Audible (free audiobooks for kids)

Free Cursive Writing Worksheet Package

Ontario Ministry of Education Learn at Home Site

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Scholastic Free Digital Subscriptions

Free Digital Games (some curriculum-related)

Khan Academy

Scratch Jr. (Coding for young children)

Popular Book Company Canada Ltd. (workbooks)

Earth Rangers

Math Worksheets

For Catholic school students: My Catholic Kids (one minute videos – Gospel Reflections and learning about Mass)

Cooking Up Fractions (From Lighthouse Math – Canadian, lots of parent/child activities)

Chalkboard Publishing ( Canadian workbooks/guided homeschool programs) & Chalkboard Learn (free home learning resource with lessons and activities)

Toronto Zoo Daily Facebook Lives at 1 pm

Harry Potter at Home

Where’s Waldo at Home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Time Capsule

All Digital School  (2000+ educational resources and great parent guides/articles)

And here are some behind-the-scenes peeks:

A hack for lifting the laptop up for a straighter view (you don’t want the camera to be looking up at you!)

Some speaking points just in case!
Fancy on top, yoga pants on the bottom!

6 comments on “Kids and Learning During School Closures”

  1. Fantastic segment! I’m also on the “don’t stress about school” team and focusing on mental health as well. Love your suggestions too. Thanks!

    • Thanks for watching and for commenting! Always appreciate that interaction. Good luck at your house!

      • Agreed! I loved the segment. It’s a great time for kids to be inquisitive about learning and going to places online to discover what they’re interested in learning!

        As a parent and K12 Education Software Entrepreneur trying to help our education system catch up with the times, I see this as an opportunity for an entrenched system to reinvent itself and become more relevant in today’s world. Don’t get me wrong… definitely don’t want to downplay or make light of the situation at hand with Covid-19 but I think once we come out the other end of this (which we will) we/the edu system will be better because of it. ..if that makes sense?

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