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Schools are closed and parents are feeling the pressure – even the stars! I know you have all sorts of questions about kids learning from home and visitors usually come here for professional advice, but sometimes it’s fun just to to take a peek at how others are dealing with a situation! I will keep updating the list as more celebrities share their “homeschooling” highs and lows!

Actress Kristen Bell posted advice from a school principal:

Kristen Bell message homeschooling kids

Amy Adams shared, “We’re spending out newfound free time at home learning new skills. Today Aviana” [age 9] “had her first lesson on a piano learning app. Here she is playing ‘Ode to Joy’. Please be well everyone!

Amy Adams daughter

Amy and mom of three Jennifer Garner launched the Instagram account @savewithstories where to date more than a hundred stars from various fields have hopped on video to read a children’s story aloud, with some clear efforts being made to support diversity.

Pink shared a schedule she adapted from something a friend sent her, which includes morning walk, academic time, creative time, chore time – and an extended bedtime for kids who don’t fight! 

Victoria Beckham posted a shot of 8-year-old daughter Harper’s Math app captioned, “Math class for Harper”, and also shared this message you may have seen circulating on social media:


Busy Phillips shared one of her PE lessons with daughter Cricket: tennis in the carport, and has also kept her busy and learning with slime- and t-shirt-making!


Shonda Rhimes posted a couple of very popular (and teacher-supportive) tweets: 

Hilary Duff is using a homeschool timetable for 8-year-old son Luca, which includes math, grammar, reading and writing. She actually shared back in October how much trouble she was having helping him with 2nd grade math homework!

All those parents trying to work from home might find some comfort in the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda told Jimmy Fallon that he’s getting no writing done at home: “I’m learning to teach math!”

In other celebrity family news, Jessica Alba is using this family time for mother//daughter workouts, Camila Alves McConaughey is cooking with her kids and Kelly Clarkson’s preschool son Remy is learning through play:


Kelly Clarkson son Remy


Even Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school, Thomas’s Battersea, has moved to a remote learning plan for when the kids return from Easter vacation, but we’re not expecting a lot of details from Will and Kate about that!

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