While I’ve never been a gym girl, I’m sure there are many of you practising social distancing and missing your gym or fitness classes right now and looking for something to do at home…so I thought it would be perfect timing to share my new find with you!

I recently read Carrie Underwood’s new book Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life (review coming soon!) and it inspired me to make another attempt to add some strength-training into my life.

I’ve been a daily walker for at least 15 years now (usually treadmill, sometimes outside during warm weather) and I love it because I can watch TV and use my treadmill desk to catch up on emails, blog posts and social media while I work out. Any time I tried strength training I couldn’t motivate myself because it required too much focus. Which equipment? How many reps? Do I do another set? Am I done yet?

However, the minute I closed Carrie’s book I jumped online and threw a bunch of search terms into Google (I think they were “strength training videos online free beginner”) and scrolled through the results.

I decided to give HASFit (Heart and Soul Fitness) a try and I’m proud to say I’ve incorporated their videos into my workout for several days in a row now. What I love most is you can filter their workouts, so for example today I did max time 15 minutes (they go as short as 5), lower body, beginner, dumbbells – and narrowed it down to a perfect workout! Videos are led by two trainers, one of whom modifies the exercises down a bit for those who need that. While there’s a bit of instructional and motivational chatter, you don’t have to focus too hard on the video once you get a sense of each specific exercise, and (in the beginner videos at least) there’s no counting reps, exercises are done for a specific amount of time, and you fit in as many reps as you can. They have cardio options as well, though for now I’m sticking with my treadmill for that…baby steps!

Here’s the first video that hooked me:

I’ve done total body workouts, arm workouts and lower body workouts so far and I’m really happy with them – and the results I feel the next day! While I keep using the website, they also have an app you can use instead. The individual videos are all free to use (you can find them on YouTube too which is nice on a SmartTV), and you can pay to subscribe to a “program” if you should so choose.

Have you ever tried HASfit? What are your thoughts? Any other options I should try?

2 comments on “Working Out at Home? My Fave New Site”

  1. I love HASFit and have been using their 30 minute kettlebell workout on line for a year now. Love, love it. So easy to do at home and it really works the muscles as well as cardio. The couple in the on line video keep it real and are practical. I wonder if they are Canadian?
    Eileen in Salmon Arm, BC

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