We started in 2014 (the first and last time I’ll have short hair as an adult!), continued in 2015, and this year we were back for the third annual Wigs For Kids event at our school.

This time around there were seven generous little girls (my Eva returned for round two), plus one teacher and one mom…and it was another great success!

Ready to go:

In progress: (I love this shot: one of my students – who just had her hair cut by her mom moments earlier – is returning the favour!)

The final results:

Again this year we had some very generous donors who helped to fill up gift bags for our amazing participants!

We want to thank…

McDonald’s, for the gift card

Shout Factory, for an assortment of great kids’ DVDs

Funrise Toys for the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Blasters

And a very special thank you to my friends at Hallmark for providing each little girl with a ceramic keepsake box and Mickey Mouse journal, and giving each of the two women an assortment of great Hallmark products. Plus, of course, gift bags and pretty tissue paper!

We had student emcees and DJs, and I always love seeing the school spirit and involvement from the leaders in our school. They make us so proud.

Congratulations to all of our participants…I already had several little girls tell me that they want to do it next year, so things are looking good for a fourth annual event in 2017!

1 comment on “Hair Donation Day 2016!”

  1. Congrats to all of the amazing "ladies" who donated their hair for such a great cause!
    So many of the memorable moments in school come when teachers give up their preps or recess/lunch breaks or even work before and after hours in order to coordinate and organize these "special" days at school. So congrats to you Kate for making a difference in the lives of our youth!
    Krista S.

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