As you likely already know, TED talks (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) are short, powerful speeches presented on a variety of topics by speakers who range from high-profile to under-the-radar.

I recently learned of a talk given at TEDxVail by Trista Sutter called “The Value of YOU”. While many know Trista as the first Bachelorette, more recently she fell into the trap of describing herself as “just a mom”, which is part of what inspired her speech.

In an email, Trista says that this talk is for “anyone who has ever felt judged, either by personal friends/family, strangers on the Internet or otherwise, and worst of them, by their own personal demons.  Many stay at home moms are relating as well as anyone feeling alone and insecure. After being asked to be part of the Naturally Grateful section of TedxVail a year ago, it took me awhile to decide what to speak about, but ultimately, I thought about the kind of message I would want to give to my kids.  Thankfully, they haven’t experienced much judgment in their lives, but I hope that if they ever do, that they understand that they are unique, valued, and loved…and that’s what I want for everyone who hears it, whether they are insecure, bullied, or just need a little reminder to never devalue themselves, no matter their title or lack thereof.”

I found her words very powerful, especially when you see and hear a real live person recounting the cruel things that have been said about her on the Internet. It really makes you stop and think.

Take a peek, and if you can’t see the embedded video you can also find it here.

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