On the third and final day of our Niagara adventure, we enjoyed a beautiful half hour drive from our Niagara Falls hotel to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where we hopped on a lunch cruise on the Niagara Belle (from Niagara Sunset Cruises). We boarded at the Navy Hall, right near Fort George National Historic Site, and set sail.
This just may have been the highlight of our trip. The cruise itself, two hours on the Niagara River, was incredibly relaxing, and a knowledgeable tour guide filled us in on the history and geography of the area. While there was definitely some admirable waterfront property to check out (one of my favourite things about boat cruises), much of the shoreline is treed, so the view was primarily natural. We were invited to enjoy the upper deck while our meal was being prepared, and we took advantage of the deck chairs and the scenery.

See, I told you – relaxing!
The four of us agreed that the meal was amazing. We were served fresh rolls (baked on the Belle); chef’s salad; rotisserie chicken with fresh herbs, lemon and garlic and homemade four cheese macaroni. For dessert: they call it a “double chocolate chip cookie” (also baked on board during the cruise) but that doesn’t do it justice – it was designed with a gooey lava centre and served with whipped cream. One of the best desserts I think I’ve ever had – and you know I’ve had a LOT of desserts!
A happy customer!
Towards the end of the cruise, the girls were surprised and delighted to be invited to help steer the ship! Captain Roger allowed them to come in and take turns at the wheel, which they thoroughly enjoyed. (According to my seven-year-old, it was the “best day ever!”, as evidenced by her smile in the bottom photo. Can you see why she won “Best Smile” in the Grade 1/2 class last year?)

What an incredible way to end our Niagara getaway! The girls are so excited to tell everyone they know that they helped “drive” the ship…and I can’t stop talking about the dessert.

Disclosure: We were treated to a free lunch cruise for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, our own. For more information visit Niagara Sunset Cruises.

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