“North America’s only full-sized castle and Toronto’s premier historic attraction” – how could we resist the opportunity to take the girls to Casa Loma?

Photo courtesy Casa Loma

We started our self-guided tour on the lower level (full disclosure: because we were hungry and that’s where the cafe is!) and worked our way up. The photos really tell the story…

800 feet of underground tunnels connecting two parts of the property – 
so no one back then had to go outside and cross the street!
Downstairs you can also find a display of posters from movies that were shot on location at 
Casa Loma (one of my favourites: Chicago!)

I asked Eva to pick her favourite old car – she went with the Model T!

I wanted to call out, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel!” but I’m on the borderline of becoming an embarrassing mom (because of their ages, not because of anything I’ve done, of course) so I restrained myself.

Even the gardens are impressive

Of course Liv’s favourite place would be the library! This is only a fraction of the books.

A popular event venue – we got a sneak peek at some wedding photography

The fireplace is always my favourite spot in a home – 
and this one has secret passageways on either side! (The kids love that!)

Casa Loma provides a fascinating look at history, and makes a worthwhile class trip destination as well, with school programs running from Kindergarten right through secondary school.

A visit can also spark some interesting discussions about financial decisions. Sir Henry Pellatt had the castle built beginning in 1911 (it took 300 men almost three years to complete) at a cost of $3.5 million. He and his wife Lady Mary only enjoyed Casa Loma for less than ten years before financial misfortune forced them to move. Some of his visions (e.g., the indoor swimming pool) never even reached fruition. (We’ve decided to be satisfied with our beautiful home – with one percent of the square footage of Casa Loma!)

If you’ve never visited Casa Loma, it’s definitely something to add to your must-see list!

Note: Because there was a wedding taking place, on-site parking was limited when we arrived, but we found a spot just a few minutes away in the George Brown College lot on MacPherson.

Disclosure: We were provided free admission to Casa Loma for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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