Last night on CHEX Daily I chatted with hosts Teresa Kaszuba and Mike Judson about three non-academic areas you can focus on to make sure your child is really ready to head back to school (or head to school for the very first time): prioritizing sleep, building independence and easing jitters – theirs and maybe yours!

Here are the websites I mentioned: (for the info on the First Riders bus events next weekend)

My girls have never had a chance to visit the studio until now, and they were excited to check it out!

Bonus money-saving back-to-school tip: 

Make your list of necessary supplies, and then shop your house before spending a cent! Here’s a pic of my girls going through all their school items and packing their pencil cases. When they were finished, all we needed to buy was one clue stick and one pencil sharpener!

2 comments on “How To *Really* Have Kids Ready For Back-to-School – TV segment”

  1. I love the shopping at home part! I have to admit I am a little bit surprised you have all that stuff in your house…shocking! I see that it was all previously sorted in bags but STILL!

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