My afternoon at Euphoria Wellness Spa in Peterborough was pure luxury.

(All photos courtesy Euphoria Wellness Spa)

Upon arrival in the reception area, I was checked in and whisked off to the change room where I was provided with a cozy spa robe and sandals and invited to use the sauna and steam room before my first service. I had thirty minutes to spare…and had trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of letting myself sit for that long! I am good at taking time for myself, but usually there’s a book or smartphone in my hand…and neither are really appropriate for the sauna or steam room! I spent a few minutes in both, and they were lovely, especially for someone like me who really appreciates heat.

Someone came to get me when it was time for my Supreme Facial:

  • “One of our most popular treatments. Includes a deep cleansing, detailed skin analysis, exfoliation, steam and extractions, and a relaxing mini massage while under our perfecting mask. This facial is customized to suit your skin condition.”

When they say “supreme”, they mean it. No time is wasted, either: during the steam, I received an arm and hand massage, during the mask there was a scalp massage, and at another point (I couldn’t keep all of the steps straight) there was a neck and face massage. I felt incredibly spoiled before my first treatment was even over, though the best part of a facial for me is the extractions (which are actually slightly uncomfortable) because it’s something I know I can’t do myself, and I really see the difference afterwards. Note that after a facial, you might not want to go out in public right away (or at least bring some makeup), as the treatments can cause some redness. Of course I went straight to a restaurant after the spa, because my vanity lost out to my desire not to have to cook.

The esthetician used Vivier products, and I find it so interesting how this company has grown. One of my best friends in university was Vivier’s first employee, and worked for the owner when the business was being run out of his house!

After my facial, I was escorted downstairs, where the same esthetician (the lovely Jessica, who always knew when to chat and when to let me zone out) did my manicure. I requested the Artistic Gel application (because I love how the polish lasts three weeks, unlike regular manis that usually chip by the second day) in addition to the Organic Manicure:

  • “Includes all cuticle work, trimming, filing, buffing and shaping of the nails.  Also comes with exfoliation and massage of the hands and arms.”

I chose the neutral colour “Metro” (shown below). I love pink and red nails, but when the polish lasts so long, it’s hard to ensure that it matches everything I’m going to wear!

I was even surprised by a bonus parrafin wax treatment, which is very indulgent, as your hands are coated with warm wax inside plastic bags, and then tucked into mitts to keep the heat in. (Though again, I had trouble sitting and allowing the product to work, without being able to do anything with my hands!)

Once my manicure officially ended, I was invited to relax in the cozy lounge until a pedicure chair was ready for me – a great time to finally check my phone! (I’m sorry but it had been a couple of hours! It’s hard for me!)

I ended my afternoon of bliss at Euphoria with the Organic Pedicure:

  • “Includes all cuticle work, trimming, filing, buffing and shaping of the nails. Also comes with an exfoliation and massage of the feet and legs. Choice of polish.”

I love the pedicure chairs with massage, as well as the leg and foot massage that comes with the pedicure. Ahhhh….

In the past, I’ve also enjoyed regular massages at Euphoria, as well as having my hair washed, dried and styled as part of a package last Christmas, and those experiences were lovely as well. Other services offered include:

  • couples, wedding and maternity packages
  • medical esthetics (I’m considering a medical peel in the future)
  • discounts for services outside peak times
  • wine lounge and lunch menu (additional cost)
And much more!

The only glitch of the day happened when I was being provided with a locker for my belongings – and because it was such a busy day, they were all in use! My items were stored in a men’s locker and moved over for me as soon as a women’s locker became available. Not a big deal.

While I don’t have a single negative thing to share about the spa, I do want to provide some reminders to readers about the spa experience: one being that relaxation is key, so if you’re pressed for time and just want to get in and out, spa services might not be what you’re looking for. The time it takes for each service is provided on the website, which is helpful. As well, you’re paying for the atmospshere of the spa, and therefore services may cost more than you pay elsewhere (e.g. if you run into the mall for your manicure, though at $35 the Organic Manicure is quite reasonably priced. I was surprised however that it’s a $20 upgrade for the gel polish).

I would highly recommend Euphoria Wellness Spa for anyone in the Peterborough area and beyond – it’s well worth the drive!

Disclosure: While the services above were provided free of charge for review purposes, I have visited Euphoria several times as a paying customer (and with generous gift certificates from my husband and students). My experiences have always been similarly luxurious and positive. 

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