I know you’ve heard about Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, where guests journey back in time, enjoying a four-course medieval feast (eaten only with the hands, of course) while taking in games of skill, falcon and Andalusian stallion performances and the main event: the jousting knights!

This week, we visited the Toronto Castle (the only Canadian location), and the girls both say it’s the highlight of the summer so far.

Upon entry (after paying $11 for parking at a pay-and-display machine), guests are given a table card color-coded to indicate which Knight of the Realm you will be cheering for, which in our case was the Black and White Knight. Next, there’s a photo op with one of the characters (Frannie and Maggie were thrilled that they got to meet the princess).

After that, we headed into the great hall, offering a bar, merchandise for display, and lots to look at. You can even take a peek through windows at the gorgeous stallions.

Once the “call to table” occurs, guests make their way into the arena and find their colour coded tables. Your “wench” greets you (yes, you’re supposed to call her that), drink orders are taken, and the show begins, with portions of the meal being served intermittently. We feasted on tomato bisque soup, garlic toast, a huge portion of oven-roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-roasted potato and an apple pastry.

My girls loved watching the falcon and horses, but by the time the knights were showing off their skills, the kids were eager for the actual jousting to begin!

We cheered hard for our Black and White Knight, and both girls were thrilled to received a carnation from him during the show:

While our Knight did not ultimately win the competition, the girls were still absolutely thrilled with the experience, and I would highly recommend it as a family destination. It’s not a cheap outing (regular price for adults is $66, kids are $43 with children under 3 free), but check out the Special Offers section of their website when making plans. The current deal has adults for $40 and children for $30 which is a huge discount, so be sure to look for bargains so you don’t have to pay full price.

As a testament to how much action and adventure was involved in our afternoon, this was Maggie on the ride home:

P.S. I also recommend it as a class trip destination as well. I’ve gone twice, and both times it was fantastic. There are special group rates, and kids LOVE it.

Disclosure: We were provided with a free Medieval Times experience for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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