The girls’ rooms are finally finished and all back together again! Today I’ll give you a tour of the room belonging to my 8 year old, “Frannie”.


Newborn Frannie originally came home from the hospital to the corner bedroom, which was the guest room when we built the house. Originally I chose yellow for that room, thinking that it would be a nursery someday, which worked out perfectly. Then when I was expecting Maggie, we decided to move Frannie over to this room, which was a sage green (see “before” photos of bathroom for colour) office.

I chose the paint colour for Frannie’s first “big girl” room more than six years ago, and I’m not sure how it’s coming across in photos but it was PINK. A little too pink.

As you can see from the “befores”, getting the room organized was as important as any other changes (Frannie may *look* like a mini-me, but….) so we spent a lot of time sorting through drawers and deciding on items to donate, sell or pitch. I’m teaching her to be ruthless!

Yes, there was a closet in my house looking like this. I try to let them have ownership of their space…


The basic idea was not so much a renovation as a facelift, which we accomplished by changing the paint colour (to Dulux Night Magic), putting up crown moulding and a fresh coat of white on all of the trim, new blackout drapes (instead of the plain white roller blind) and a more streamlined system of organizing her “stuff”.

She selected her own bedding (from Target) and paint colour (I gave her a few choices), which looks incredibly soft and fresh in the updated room.

I made the decision to move Frannie’s dresser into the closet (I did this with Maggie as well) because the space in there wasn’t being used very efficiently (she didn’t have many items to hang), and it seemed like she had a ton of furniture filling up her room. This has worked out really well so far.

It will be hard to get much work done with that beautiful view…good thing she never works at her desk anyway! The curtains are a bit monochromatic with the paint colour, but that’s okay (I couldn’t find ones to match the other colours in the comforter, which of course I feel the need to do).. In Maggie’s room you’ll notice much more contrast.

There’s even an empty shelf! You have no idea the joy that brings me. For real.

Frannie quickly volunteered to be part of the “after” photos!

A much more efficient closet.

Frannie decided to create some of her own artwork, and framed this fashion design. (The photo is cut off because of course she autographed her masterpiece with her real name!)

The walls are pretty bare but I’m hesitant to mess them up with anything yet. I’ve ordered a cool Shutterfly photo collage for Frannie with memories from the past year (it was included for free with a frame I received from Hallmark) which I’ll hang above her headboard, but that will be it for now. Since I’m expecting this room to grow with her for several years, I’m sure it won’t be long before the walls are covered in posters of some sort anyway!

Thanks for following along! I’ll share Maggie’s room with you in a few days. I’m already thinking about which room to do next…definitely not this summer though!

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  1. Thanks, Allison! The lamp is also from Target. We told the girls we would buy the bedding, but if they wanted the lamps (an extra) they would need to come up with enough donations for charity from their room to earn them! There's nothing I wouldn't do to declutter! 🙂

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