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In the May issue of Today’s Parent (or at the link below) you can find my latest article, “Problem Solvers”, on when (and how) to let kids solve their own problems, whether it’s an issue with a peer or an adult.

As a teacher, I certainly have strong feelings about this, and it took effort – and some editing – to avoid showing a bias against helicopter parenting.

With expert input from family therapist Jennifer Kolari as well as real-parent experiences, this article highlights why it’s important to be there for your child for guidance and support, while at the same time encouraging him or her to take action to solve problems as independently as possible.

Check out the full article here:

Coming up next, I need more parent input…maybe from you?

*Does your child suffer from performance anxiety (recitals/concerts, class presentations, etc.)?


*Did you recently go through the “first bra” phase with your tween? (Thanks to one mom who already agreed to chat with me.)

I never use real names without permission, and I welcome input from moms and dad across Canada. We can chat on the phone or over email, whichever is more convenient. It’s so important to share the perspectives of real Canadian families in these articles, so I really appreciate any contributions I can get! You can leave a comment below, contact me through Twitter or Facebook, or fire me an email at katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca.

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