I just finished rereading another
gem from my bookshelf: The EveryGirl’s Guide To Life by television reporter
Maria Menounos (you may know her from ExtraTV, or her time on Access Hollywood, Today, or Entertainment Tonight).
In her book, Maria covers a huge
range of topics, from decorating and organization (this gal could give me a run
for my money!) to hair and makeup to work and travel, with an incredible number
of tips for women.
You might think that as a television
personality, Maria’s suggestions might not exactly apply to you (and I will
admit her closet is to die for) but as the daughter of Greek immigrants with
incredible worth ethic, Maria keeps it real and stretches her time and dollars
in the same way most of us do. Not only does she do her own hair and makeup for
her daily TV appearances (most of her counterparts spend two hours getting
“done”; Maria does her own in less than half an hour) but she, her partner
Keven and a friend set up and photographed the cover shoot for her book, with
no additional staff required.
Of course I’m fascinated by the
lives of those who work in broadcasting, so I had a particular interest in the
book, but I took away all sorts of practical ideas ideas (cleaning tricks,
packing tips and work suggestions) as well as soaking up Maria’s “famous
reporter” lifestyle.
Her sections on diet and exercise
are very thorough, and while she’s much more dedicated than I am in these areas
(she details how she lost 40 pounds several years ago) she’s also pretty
realistic and practical about health and fitness – again, very accessible for
what she calls “the EveryGirl”. Though I have to say that I could never get on board with one carb per day! (Her second book is coming soon, focusing
specifically on diet and fitness.)
The book is packed with photographs
of not just Maria, but her gorgeous home and many of the interesting people
she’s met or interviewed (the Obamas, for example).
While I feel a bit old/experienced
for a few of the topics, I still pick up new ideas every time I read the book
(which is why it gets to stay on my shelf, rather than being passed along as
most of my books are).
The EveryGirl’s Guide To Life would
be a perfect gift for a young woman starting out – maybe someone entering the
work force, or someone who just rented her first apartment or bought her first

You can follow the hardworking Maria Menounos
(as I do) on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/mariamenounos

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