A very lovely and loyal reader e-mailed me earlier this week with some amazing feedback (I do know her in real life, but no, she’s not related to me!)

The subject of her e-mail was “Thoughts”, which could go in any number of directions, but what was on her mind ended up being very valuable to me.

She complimented me on my recent posts about writing (Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume I and Volume II), saying that they have a different energy than a lot of my other posts: “I just find that you are much more animated and the writing comes to life- your personality shines through,” she wrote. “When you write about things that sincerely interest you, it changes your writing style.” 

This really got me thinking, as I feel that most of the time I do choose topics that interest me – and it’s definitely a freedom I appreciate, being able to write what I want when I want, especially when I also have the regular experience of writing to please editors – but there certainly are times that I write posts because I think there’s a market for them, and not so much because I feel passionate about the topic myself. Definitely something to keep in mind when planning ahead for This Mom Loves. That’s not to say that I need to close the blog off from ideas that are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I need to make sure that I’m letting loose and being myself if I’m going to put something out there.

Thinking about the things that I am passionate about, this friend went on to say: “I’m not suggesting you are square (hee hee)” – her parentheses – “but you are highly organized and efficient in your home life, as well as your career, and this is a talent that I think you should consider focusing on in your blog.”

She did suggest that, based on what she knows about me (and what she would love to see as a reader) I should consider more organizational posts, perhaps incorporating questions from readers (she even threw in a few to get me started)! And you know what? I think that’s a great idea. I am a very organized person, but in an efficient way, which may not be what some readers are looking for (not all organized people are efficient, which I will explain when I start tackling these questions!)

This was a slow blog week for me, with report card deadlines by day and magazine deadlines by night, so it was a great time for me to step back and absorb this feedback.

Thanks to this friend and reader…and to all of you who support me here at This Mom Loves! Hope you’re ready for more organizational and writing posts, information about books and education in general, decorating before and afters (three projects being planned), more celebrity Momterviews and some fun products that my girls and I really like…because that’s what’s in store around here!

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  1. Looking forward to it! I love hearing your organizational tips, it makes me aspire to be more organized myself!

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