You know how I love my magazines, and last month Walmart launched a brand-new (and free) publication. Walmart Live Better, a multi-platform lifestyle magazine, is now available at Walmart Supercentres across Canada, and online through mobile devices and an iPad app. I haven’t picked up a hard copy yet, but I’ve spent lots of time checking it out online (I’ll share my favourite stories below).

The publication offers content from top Canadian editors and contributors, including Editor-in-Chief Sandra Martin, formerly of Today’s Parent. Readers will be able to enjoy the latest in food, home, beauty and fashion trends and tips.

At 1 million copies per issue, Walmart Live Better will immediately become Canada’s largest circulation magazine (published six times per year), and of course all products featured in the magazine are available at Walmart Canada Supercentres.

“Canadians want to be inspired by new ideas and stay on budget. With Walmart Live Better they don’t have to make a choice. Our team of experts provide great ideas on how to make dollars go farther with style,” said Martin.

A few of my favourite pieces from the Walmart Live Better debut (under the website categories of Recipes, Living, Wellness, Beauty, Fashion and Kids):

Plan The Perfect Indoor Birthday Party (tons of practical tips, which of course could be used with any of my themed birthday parties)

Get Organized In Six Simple Steps Organizing is one of my favourite things to do, and I got some new ideas from this piece, as well as a bit of inspiration: “Quit reading about it and just do it.”

Couch To 5K: An 8 Week Fitness Guide (while I’m not currently following this, I like knowing it’s there should I ever decide to do a 5K. Over the summer I’ll gear up to practice Cross Country with my students, but 2K is usually my limit!)

Oh, and for those of you who actually like to cook – or do it willingly anyway – there are more than 30 recipes as well. These I skipped over, but they may be the highlight for some of you!

Pick up a copy at your nearest Walmart, or check it out online as

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  1. Honestly, Kate, sometimes I think I AM you! I, too, am a magazine junkie, love organizing, am a wanna-be runner and hate to cook. I'd picked up a copy but haven't had a chance to flip through yet. I didn't realize Sandra Martin was the editor – that lends some credibility. I'd sort of dismissed it as just an advertising platform so will definitely have to check it out. Thanks!

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