Hello dear readers,

I’m working on an article about second pregnancies for a national magazine (I’m trying to act cool about it but really I’m super excited!) and I’m hoping you can help me with two things:

1. If you’ve had two pregnancies, how was the second different from the first, physically? Was it better or worse? What symptoms changed the second time around? You can leave a comment below or e-mail me at katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca

2. If you’ve had two pregnancies, have lots to say about the question above and LIVE OUTSIDE ONTARIO, I’d love to interview you for the article. Again, you can give me contact info in the comments, or email me at katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca

Thanks so much for your help!

2 comments on “Second Pregnancies: Need Sources and Input For Article”

  1. My second pregnancy was harder. At first I thought it was because I had a toddler to chase after, which resulted in less resting time, so I was harder on my body than I was with my first where I had lots of time to rest. But, my second baby was bigger by 3 pounds at birth, which meant I was bigger throughout the pregnancy and my second baby required a lot more of my energy to grow to that size.

    The second time around, I had morning sickness for much longer than with my first, and I was actually sick as opposed to the mild nausea I experienced with my first.

    My second pregnancy was basically harder all around. It was healthier and it resulted in a healthier baby, but it took a lot out of me.

  2. My second pregnancy was different for sure. I had so much energy with my 1st ( boy) and was barely sick. My second, (a girl) I was so tired and she drained me, horrible skin, got grey hair, bad psoriasis which I had only eczema before. At least I was still not sick lots in 2nd one, but felt nauseous lots in the beginning.

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