Do you ever feel like you just can’t get enough of This Mom Loves? (Crickets…crickets…anybody?)

For those (two) who have been asking lately how to find me on various social media, here are all the details:

Twitter (@thismomloves)

Pinterest (katewinn77)

I’m not much of a recipe blogger if that’s your thing (but if you’re here reading this blog you clearly have other interests). My boards include Decorating/Home, Arts and Crafts, Education, Organization, Fashion, and all of the various holidays. Watch this space for some new as-seen-on-Pinterest Christmas ideas, coming soon!

Leave a comment below with your info if you’d like a Pinterest follow-back. I love scoping out new ideas!


Signing up for e-mail guarantees that you’ll receive every new complete post (no partial posts, no link-clicking* required) delivered right to your Inbox. I have my settings so that new posts are mailed out around 9 a.m. each day. (Yes, I am in class at this time, but it is an automatic feature. I’d like to stress that.) Once you sign up, you’ll receive a “Feedburner E-mail Subscription Confirmation” message, which very well might go to your spam folder. You need to open it and confirm to be added to the list. Many of my friends and family members do it this way, so they can read posts on their phones and not have to keep checking the blog for updates.


I’m relatively new to Facebook, but I know it is the Holy Grail for some, and you might prefer to get updates from me right in your timeline. Be sure to like, comment on or share anything that interests you! (The more you interact, the bigger the guarantee that Facebook will generously allow my new stuff to appear in your timeline. I currently have 1390 Facebook ‘likers’, and my last status update was seen by 21 people. What??? Of course Facebook encourages me to pay to promote my updates, in order to have them seen by more people. No thanks.)


If any of these links don’t work for you, they’re all in my sidebar as well at

*Before I proofread this post, I was assuring you all that there would be no link-licking required. I’m not even sure what that could mean, but it doesn’t sound good.

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