So, I’ve had this beautiful lantern hanging around for years, without really having a great idea for what to do with it. (No offense if you gave it to me. It’s lovely, I’m just not creative enough.) Thanks to the inspiration of Pinterest, I decided to pull it out and incorporate it into my Christmas décor this year. A few packs of ornaments from Dollarama, and I was all set:

The original pin that inspired me:
Since I’m adding some new holiday-themed items to my home this year, that means editing out some of the old ones…and my school bag is packed full of the goodies that didn’t make the cut, and are destined for my classroom treasure box. (My apologies if your child brings one home.)

Stay tuned for more (usually inspired by Pinterest) Christmas ideas!

1 comment on “Christmas Idea # 1: The Festive Lantern”

  1. I love your editing strategy! LOL. I am trying hard to follow an in and out rule, but since I won't pull out my Christmas stuff until closer to December, I'll probably have acquired at least a few new things by then.

    Your lantern looks great! Might steal that idea…

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