A few months ago, I filled you in on KIDZ BOP 21, a CD with today’s biggest hits cleaned up and sung by kids, for kids. I used it in my classroom (during art, snack, gym) and in the car with my daughters.

Now KIDZ BOP is back with number 22, featuring some of the songs you just might be loving this summer:

School is out, so I haven’t been able to share the latest edition with my students yet, but my six year old Frannie has been listening to the CD constantly.

It actually created a great discussion point just this morning. When listening to the real radio in the car, “Glad You Came” by The Wanted came on, with the lines “Hand you another drink/Drink it if you can”. Frannie immediately asked me why those lines were changed on her CD (to the slightly confusing “Hand you another dance/Dance it if you can”) so I answered her truthfully, talking about the fact that “a drink” often refers to alcohol, which is just for grownups.

(Thanks to LMFAO, we’ve also had many a discussion about the fact that “sexy” is an adult word, not to be used by children!)

I am a huge fan of the KIDZ BOP line of CD’s. Pick up KIDZ BOP 22 for your KIDZ today!

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