The following are the rules for my five year old daughter’s “Spy Club”. The members of the club fluctuate frequently, depending how they treat Frannie on any given day (there is an ever-changing list on her door where she crosses out and adds names accordingly) and I don’t believe they actually hold meetings or do any real “spying”, but the club is nevertheless of high importance (e.g. “Be nice to my cousin or you’re out of the spy club,” “Let me play with the puzzle and I’ll let you in the spy club”). Membership has temporarily replaced the valuable currency of birthday party invitations, and related promises and threats.

Despite the random nature of the group, the rules are clearly posted in Frannie’s bedroom (for her eyes only), and have not changed since first written:

1. Hans to yourself (I think this is a spelling error, and not a coded message to a secret Scandinavian member of the club, but I can’t be sure)

2. No hrting uthrs felings (Trouble with vowel sounds, but seems to have figured out “ing”)

3. Stic with a techr (Even for spy club, teacher supervision is apparently very important!)

4. Be gud (Better than “Be God”. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Rule #4 conflicted with Commandment #1?)

5. Duw good things (How she learned how to spell “good” between Rule 4 and Rule 5 is a Spy Club mystery)

6. Good to othrs (Enough said)

Now I have to go make snack or else I’m kicked out of the club.

2 comments on “Frannie’s Spy Club: The Official Rules”

  1. That is awesome! I'm a bit surprised you allow the paper to be taped onto the while- I see you as more of a white board kind of gal! I mean, the paper isn't even cut straight! (please, note the sarcasm)!!
    I want in the spy club, I think Maggie would let me in. I'm pretty sure I could convince her!

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