These treats may not be edible, but they’re a sure-fire bet to spark that festive feeling! A couple of weeks ago, I received my latest Hallmark goody box, thanks to my role on their Press Pause Panel.

My two favourite items, for home and classroom use:

Merry-Okee Micro Karaoke (Christmas Karaoke Microphone) $19.95

This battery-powered microphone (3 AAA batteries ARE included) works like a normal mic, or changes your voice so you sound like an elf! A favourite with my students and my daughters, it also comes prerecorded with six favourite holiday songs, and is accompanied by a songbook with both original and silly lyrics. It’s not super-loud, but still a good laugh for a small group (and a great way to encourage students to make oral presentations. How can you feel pressure when you sound like an elf?)

Rockin’ Talkin’ Santa Hat $19.95

Press the button on this adult-sized hat to make it move back and forth in sync with the words and music to “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town”. A great way to make an entrance this holiday season!

Other great items for the kids:

“Jingle” Interactive Storybook and Story Buddy $29.95


My girls have the similar Watson the Raccoon Storybook and Story Buddy and just love it. Frannie can read the book now, and Maggie has memorized the key phrases so that they both can make the raccoon talk (without requiring an adult to read the book). This toy responds to certain spoken phrases and the recorded voice adds to the story. A Hallmark favourite and winner of two Dr. Toy awards, “Jingle The Husky Pup” is ready to bark, whimper and even sing when he hears the magic words.

Make-A-Wish Recordable bear $24.95

This adorable white plush has simple “Record” and “Play” buttons so you can leave a message for someone special! And even better: when you buy a specially-marked product like this bear, Hallmark will donate 25% of the sales to help make children’s wishes come true all year round.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Recordable Storybook $19.95

Always a great idea, these recordable books are a nice way to read to love ones even if you can’t be there. This one is a special Hallmark Edition of the Holiday Classic, featuring music. Join Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang as they learn the true meaning of Christmas. Last year my parents recorded one of these Hallmark books for my girls (“The Very First Christmas”), and as soon is got pulled out this year with the Christmas paraphernalia they snatched it up again.

Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers Keepsake Ornament $24.99

His Oilers sweater may be long retired, but true hockey fans will never forget. This might be the perfect gift for a not-so-little-one on your list, and is sure to find a prime spot on the Christmas tree.

Disclosure: I received the above-named items for review purposes as part of my role on the Hallmark Press Pause Panel. My students and daughters are enjoying a few, and the others were door prizes at our school’s annual Family Movie Night. Opinions are, as always, my own.

2 comments on “Christmas “Treats” From Hallmark”

  1. After recording a Christmas book for each set of grandchildren last year I shared the idea with several friends whose grandchildren live far enough away that grandparents can't see them regularly. They recorded books as well and they were a big hit. More important perhaps is the grandmother with a terminal illness who recorded books for her grandchildren;now even though she is gone, her voice is still with them. Worth considering…

  2. love those recordable books! got my kids great gramps to do one last year….plan to do another set this year. come by my blog and enter some of my giveways this week!

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