Well, I believe Frannie’s first loose tooth got swallowed along with her chocolate cupcake at breakfast (thanks, Aunt Ash!) while camping last weekend, but a note to the Tooth Fairy alerted her to the issue…

…and she managed to find our tent and leave two shiny (oh, who am I kidding, dull) loonies under her pillow. When she woke up, Frannie told us they were each worth $11 (she was looking at where it said “Queen Elizabeth II”), but was perfectly satisfied with two bucks. And no, I did not make her share with her sister.

A few people have asked me what she got when she knocked her two front teeth out on the garage steps at 19 months old…and the answer is, nothing…so I guess we owe her retro pay for those ones. Maybe next time the Tooth Fairy will leave a note and a bonus.

I like the comments that were left regarding leaving a new toothbrush under the pillow, or Chelsey’s suggestion to set out a glass of water, and the Tooth Fairy will dip her dress in (food colouring) to let the child know what colour she was wearing. I just may use these next time!

Meanwhile, both girls visited the dentist for their first checkup this week (not counting Frannie’s pre- and post-op visits in toddlerhood) and they’re all clear. Their hygienist was absolutely fabulous with them (and coincidentally, was one of my French students when she was in Grades 7 and 8) and I think the television screen on the ceiling was a very important calming factor.

So…enough teeth excitement for this summer. Knock on wood. Oooh, maybe not a good choice of words.

3 comments on “Tooth Fairy Update”

  1. Was she upset that she had no tooth for under the pillow? My little one lost her tooth down the bathroom drain once and it was a catastrophe. Luckily the tooth fairy was small enough to fly down and get it. 🙂

    A tooth fairy visit while camping is quite exciting.

  2. You know what, she was actually really good about not having the tooth…and she tends to be a bit of a drama queen about such things. I think since she knew that the money would come regardless, she wasn't too concerned!

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