Thanks to my friend Krista, I bring you today the latest instalment in her party theme series: The Rock Star Party!


At her daughter’s party, there was a stage with flashing lights, and each guest’s name was on a star on the backdrop. There are lots of decorating options when working with a ‘star’ theme, and you can also find prepackaged ‘Rock n’Roll’ paraphernalia available.

Musical stars: There were foam stars randomly placed around the room, and when the music stopped kids had to find a certain colour.

Name that tune: Kids could win blow-up microphones when they named the correct song played on the CD player. Krista was the host and invited kids up on the stage one at a time to play the game. She asked them questions about their rock-star outfit, and made it like a game show.

If kids went up stage to sing, dance or play an instrument, they also received a wild and crazy coloured hair extension.


Grilled cheese cut out with a star-shaped cookie cutter. Also mini fruit kabobs on guitar stir sticks.


Hannah Montana cupcake wrappers and guitar and star sugar decorations.

Loot bags

In Krista’s loot bags: recorders, music CD and case, Hannah Montana chocolate sucker, rock and roll crazy erasers, Jonas brothers pens, necklace with music notes on it, fun bracelets and Disco Bits chocolate bars, all in a reusable container.

You can find more terrific Rock Star Party ideas on the Kaboose website, such as:
  • for invitations, use an empty CD case, or a lanyard with a ‘backstage pass’, or design them like concert tickets
  • have a karaoke machine
  • use disposable cameras to simulate the paparazzi, and have a red carpet out for the guests to walk
  • make a Walk of Fame with chalk stars on the driveway or sidewalk
  • have a dressing room where partygoers can do their hair and makeup
  • bring someone in to teach a dance routine
  • pull out the camcorder and record the group performing a music video
  • make guitars with bristol board and allow kids to decorate with paint, stickers, glitter, etc.
  • add tattoos and sunglasses to the loot bags
I will definitely be using this theme in the future! If you’ve done the Rock Star Party before (and I know at least one of you who has!) please leave a comment with any other ideas that worked for you.

Oh, and a little tidbit for you mothers of boys who feel excluded by these party themes: I was recently introduced to Spaceships and Laserbeams, an Etsy store with DIY printable party supplies just for boys! Spaceships and Laserbeams (“a no princess zone”!) is run by Canadian moms, and they donate 5% of all proceeds to the YMCA Strong Kids campaign, so check them out!

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