My friend Krista is back with a brand-new party idea, perfect for the little scientist in your house – male or female! She did this one for her younger daughter’s 7th birthday.

There were a few stations set up outside as the kids arrived, such as quicksand, magnets/electricity, specimens in jars, and magic goo.

When the “scientists” entered the basement “lab”, their names were typed into the computer and their eyes “scanned” with a glowstick as they placed their hand on the hand scanner (the computer would say “Scientist Frannie, you have been approved to enter the Lab!”)

Each kid received a lab coat (a white t-shirt cut in half), name tag, safety goggles and lab duotang.

Here are some photos of the lab setup:

There were approximately 10 experiments, and while Krista warns that there was a lot of prep work, it was also a lot of fun for the kids…and educational too! (Have I mentioned she’s a fellow teacher?)

  • bubbling lava lamps
  • floating m and m’s
  • elephants toothpaste
  • dissecting a worm (gummy worm with tweezers)
  • exploding Ivory soap in microwave
  • diffusion of food colouring in test tubes
  • dancing colours (milk, food colouring and dish soap)
  • making snow (Steve Spangler kit)
  • big finish: outside on the lawn – egg drop (Newton’s law) and of course the diet coke and mentos eruption, which was a huge favourite

No party of Krista’s would be complete without some themed food. In this case, the cake was made in the shape of a beaker…

…and one of the drink options was 7-Up with Pop Rocks poured on top…which the kids loved! 

To finish things off, the little scientists left with with a loot bag (shown below, containing a book about Science, grow your own Crystal kit, pop rocks, silly straw, and a grow animal), to continue the fun and learning at home. 

Krista credits the blog “Come Together Kids” for a lot of her inspiration for this party, which you can check out at:

Thanks for another fun and creative party theme, Krista! If you missed them, you can catch up on all of Krista’s ideas (plus a couple of mine – I’m not totally useless as a party-planner) at the link below.

Perfect Party Roundup (polkadots, pajamas, rock stars, butterflies…you’ll find tons of themes here!)
Stay tuned…another “amazing” (hint, hint) party theme coming soon!

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  1. As a science nerd, I can totally appreciate the time that went into prepping this party but what a cool alternative to the gymnastics club or laser tag etc. if you have the energy and interest in setting it up. Kids would totally remember this kind of party for a long time! Thanks for a great idea! I will be filing this one for sure!

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