Welcome to the next installment of Krista’s Perfect Parties! Today I’m filling you in on the “Jumping Party” she threw for her oldest daughter’s 5th birthday.

The activities:

A bouncy castle (of course) with a princess theme.
Jumping beans (which were apparently very hard to find, but so cool to see – they actually jump!)

The food:

It’s all about what you call it: regular hot dogs fit the theme perfectly when they’re renamed “hoppin’ hot dogs!”

The cake:

Cupcakes with “jumpin’ jelly beans” (again, it’s all in the name!) forming the number 5

Loot bags:

(This time she made a bag for each set of siblings, as the contents were a bit more expensive)

Leapfrog DVD
bouncing frogs
jelly beans
bouncing balls
skipping rope

You could throw in anything that bounces: jacks, paddle ball, etc. In terms of activities, what about hippity hops as well?

Just another creative idea from Krista, the queen of party themes!

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