I admit it: with two girls, my parties are a little skewed toward the feminine. The party ideas I’m stealing borrowing from my friend (also mom to two daughters) may seem a bit girly as well. I promise that some of her future themes will be adaptable for boys, but until then, my friend Trina thought I should share a few tidbits from her ultra-boy party:

“Well, moms of boys are crazy party planners as well, you know! Check out the army cake that went with the camo balloons, tablecloth, napkins, banner, plates, etc. Every little monkey got a camo hard hat with a tube of M and M’s taped to the top as their head lamps. We did a ‘mission’ with clues along the way leading to a prize. Also a little ‘spin the canteen’ to organize the present opening. Loot bags were a camo balloon tied to a box of Smarties (rations). Just some ideas for those of us who would be killed for organizing a ‘perfect polka dot party'”!

Thanks, Trina…and what an amazing job you did on that cake! I think you should continue to be my mom-of-boys reporter!

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