When I was approached about reviewing the Head Snuggler, I was intrigued. It’s such an original idea: a product to keep little ones’ heads from slumping over when sleeping in a carseat or stroller, but I had several questions…plus I wasn’t sure what my girls would think of it!

My sleepy little slumper
As I waited for my Head Snuggler to arrive, I checked out their website, where many of my questions were answered. Yes, it’s safe (and there are expert opinions to prove it), and it can be used for children of any age, from an infant seat right through to older kids (it goes over the vehicle’s headrest).
I received a chocolate mesh design to try out (there are other colours available), and waited for a long road trip in order to put it to the test. Frannie rarely falls asleep in the car anymore, and we avoid travelling at Maggie’s naptime, but the 6 hour trek to Mont-Tremblant was the ticket.
The Snuggler fit over her carseat easily (I had to thread the top strap through a hole in the cotton/spandex fabric), and then I just waited for her to fall asleep. Once she did, I reached back (my husband was driving!) and attempted to pull it down. She woke up and protested. (Remember, she’s two.) At one point, half-drowsy, she agreed to it, and even pulled it down over her eyes for a bit, and then promptly pulled it back up. The website suggests that it will take some time for a child to get used to a Snuggler, and I think that’s certainly true in Maggie’s case.
That said, I think the Head Snuggler is a fantastic, creative idea which solves an age-old parenting problem, and that it’s best started on a smaller baby who will adapt, or an older child who gets the idea. It would be a perfect gift for a new mom, or for one of those moms who already has everything. At $20, the price is also right.

Interested? Well, you could win a Head Snuggler of your own, and more! Follow this link to enter the Biggest Slumper contest, and you could win a Travel Prize Pack worth $250! It includes a $100 gas card, 2 Head Snugglers, a $20 Bugalug gift certificate, The Little Black Book For Busy Families 2010, a nutrition book, a stainless steel baby bottle, a bearview mirror and assorted travel games! There are also 10 individual Head Snugglers to be won. All you have to do to enter is snap a shot of your little slumper, and upload it to the site. The contest ends August 3rd, and entries are low, so it’s worth the effort.

What will they think of next?

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  1. Geesh, I so wish I knew about this when my baby was a lot smaller!! This would have been so helpful. It is somewhat odd looking, but certainly does the job to keep a sleepy baby's head upright instead of all slumped over. Great review!

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