{2017 Update: While this post is now a throwback, I actually used this idea when my beloved ECE had her second child last October, and it seemed to be a hit again. For her I included dry shampoo, mascara, a fall decoration, chocolates and more!}

When Olivia was born, one of the most special gifts we received was something that wasn’t even for her. My friend Anne visited us in the hospital and dropped off a gift bag full of little wrapped items. She explained (or I think wrote in the card) that the gift was for the Mommy (me!) and my instructions were to open one gift each day until they were gone.

I’m a rule-following kind of girl, so instead of tearing everything open, I actually followed the directions, and each morning, no matter how bleary-eyed, I would detour into the walk-in closet where I kept that bag and pull out another item. On those surreal days when I felt like I had a tiny, strange animal attached to my body, it gave me a sense of self to know that there was a little treat waiting just for me.

I can remember magazines, edible goodies, a scented candle, and “sleepy-time bath salts”…which I finally finished just a few months ago. Every time I used them the aroma took me back to those newborn mommy days.

Anne was generous enough to give a gift to Olivia too, but her gift for me has certainly left a lasting impact. That’s why I followed suit when my cousin Kerry recently had her first child, an adorable little boy (if you can call 10 lbs 13 oz little!)  Here’s what I put in her package:

  • a set of colourful pens
  • a little blue lined notebook
  • a package of candies
  • a tube of Lansinoh cream for nipples (this is a MUST for nursing moms)
  • a hair accessory
  • some ‘milk’ moisturizer
  • a parenting magazine
  • lip balm
  • hand sanitizer
  • “A Cup of Comfort For New Mothers” book

Each item was wrapped, and not shown here because I went environmentally-friendly and used bits and pieces of leftover wrapping paper. It wasn’t about an attractive presentation, it was about honouring a new mommy!

Anyway, Kerry loved it, and if she kept on track, all items are now open and hopefully being enjoyed.

Just wanted to share that idea with all of you!

10 comments on “What To Give a New Mom”

  1. What a wonderful idea! I remember those early days of sleep deprived shock and how I wondered if I was ever going to feel normal again. Such a thoughtful and I'm sure appreciated gift!

  2. Great idea…little gifts just for me would have been an excellent pick-me-up on those tough early days.

    The best gift I got when I ahd my first baby was from a very dear friend. You'd only do this for your closest friends….she turned up at my house with coffee and cleaning supplies. She caught me while I the baby was nursing, so i couldn't protest when she clunked a coffe in my hadn and proceeded to clean my bathrooms and chatted to me from across the hall. Amazing!

  3. I was so excited to open a new gift every day. I kept the bag on my nightstand. I got through the chocolate pretty quickly and am now content in reading a few stories from my new 'Mommy' book whenever I get a chance. Since the early days are a bit of a blur, it was so nice to have something to look forward to.

  4. I also like the coffee and cleaning idea shared by Anonymous above! Sometimes it's so hard to ask for help, even if someone makes a general "let me know what I can do" kind of offer. If it's a close enough friend or family member, I think it's okay to push yourself in a little!

  5. Awesome idea! I'll do this for another friend coming up soon. Maybe someone will get the hint and do it for me too. Great to meet you Kate!

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