I apologize to those readers joining us from foreign lands, but at this point, most of you are from our lovely province of Ontario, and therefore this trip is actually an option for you. (Don’t get me wrong: although it was a lot of fun, it’s probably not worth the trek for my readers in Kentucky and the Philippines.)

Last July, we took our girls (and my parents – sorry, they’re not included in the package) on a three-day trip to London, Ontario, and we had a blast. Here’s a quick recap of the must-see attractions if you should decide to check it out yourself. Most spots would be perfect for a spring or weekend getaway as well.

Storybook Gardens:  animals, rides (the ferris wheel was the perfect size for our three year old), games, play and splash areas, entertainment, and of course, beautiful gardens. We planned to spend a whole day here, but found that half a day was enough. Every would-be-princess will be impressed by the grand castle entrance.

Best Western Lamplighter Inn: we stayed at this amazing hotel, and even snagged a room with a balcony overlooking the pool (so if one adult is down at the pool/huge waterslide/hot tub, the one who is stuck in the room during naptime/after bedtime can still take in the action).
London Children’s Museum: this was definitely the best part of the trip for us and our kids. From toddlers through tweens, there is something for everyone, and it’s extremely hands-on and interactive. The photo shown to the left is a replica of a city street where kids can work the McDonald’s drive-thru and try out the till at Valu-Mart!
Adventures on Wonderland: although a fairly standard indoor playground (you probably have one like it in your town), it was still worth it as it provided new toys and climbers and a way to fill a rainy morning with the girls. They even have a special room for kids five and  under.
My cousin Stephen’s house: Sorry – no link to this one, but just wanted to thank him and his family again for their hospitality! 🙂
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the trip, or if you live in the London area and have other attractions to suggest. It was something different for all of us, and I would highly recommend it for a young family.

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  1. I have also stayed at the Lamplighter Inn. What a great spot for kids and adults alike! You don't even need to venture out into the great city of London as there is so much to do right there! I have good memories of Storybook Gardens as a child and look forward to visiting again some day with my own.

  2. I live in the Windsor area and London is an awesome half way point for my friends from the GTA and I to meet up and spend the day together! We've done the Adventures on Wonderland and the Children's Museum – both awesome! This summer we've been thinking about StoryBook Gardens!
    thanks for the tips!
    (I've been enjoying your blogging – and typically fall in the 5% "lurkers" category!)

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