Dear Easter Bunny,
First of all, Frannie and Maggie would like to offer you their thanks for this year’s goodies. They were thrilled with their haul of chocolate eggs, and this time Maggie was old enough to look for treats and understand the process (no repeats of last year’s ‘eating-the-eggs-while-they’re-still-in-the-foil’ fiasco). I’m sure you’re quite tired after your busy weekend, but I was wondering if you could possibly find the time to answer a question I have: what do you bring to other little children?

This year, my girls received almost identical gifts, shown below: various foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, which you so painstakingly hid around the house, Easter dresses, a Colour Wonders pad and markers (so thoughtful of you when Maggie is particularly obsessed with colouring right now, and quite similar to the ones which were buy-one-get-one-free at Zellers last week) and a Littlest Pet Shop Animal. Total expenditure:  around $35 per child. Of course, that’s just my guess.

I’m always curious to know what you bring to other little children, and if mine are receiving more or less. Just as we do with Santa, we make sure to tell our girls that you know exactly what everyone needs, so they really shouldn’t compare with others, but I can’t help but do so myself. Other holidays have become so commercialized that I would prefer for my kids not to start thinking of Easter as a gift-receiving occasion, although the chocolate, of course, is a must for children and mommy. No messing with that tradition.

Thank you in advance, Easter Bunny, for taking the time to leave some replies in order to let me know what the ‘going rate’ is for Easter treats. I’m hoping by this time next year your comments will provide a wealth of information for myself and my readers.


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8 comments on ““Dear Easter Bunny”: An Open Letter Awaiting Reply”

  1. When Easter Bunny visits our house he brings pretty practical things…new soccer cleats for both my 8 and 6 year old as they will both be starting soccer in May(just the walmart brand $12 each as they will only fit them for this season), my 8 year old got bright pink and green tights that she LOVES to wear and my 6 year old got a new Toy Story bathing suit because his other one is pretty much worn out plus they each got a Zhu Zhu hamster (no real ones for our house! Already went through that heartbreak!)Of course there were lots of chocolate eggs hidden for them to find which they are very good at helping each other find and share!(with Mom and Dad too!!)
    We try not to go too overboard with either Christmas or Easter because it is getting too commerialized and the true meaning is getting pushed aside. Though after Christmas my 6 year old and his class were asked by one of his teachers what their favourite part of Christmas was and my son said "being with his family" where the rest of the class said their presents! Sorry had to share a very proud Mommy moment!
    Anyway as you can see Easter bunny doesn't go too crazy at our house either!

  2. The Easter bunny likes to be practical at our house too (new sunhats for the season). But everyone needs a little fun (battery powered bubble blower & playdough) and chocolate too!

    However after visiting grandparents and aunts and uncles, it did feel a bit like Christmas unloading the car when we returned home.

    We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather and spend quality family time together outdoors. I think my son's favourite part was a Good Friday fish and chips picnic at the park!

  3. Well with seven children the Easter Bunny has to be pretty simple with each child. The three oldest girls usually get along the same line of "things" This year they each got a decorated egg jewellery container thingy, Easter socks, lipbalm, chocolate rabbit sucker, Cadbury eggs and special bubble thingy. The three boys got, easter playdoh, wind up egg that can be decorated with stickers, chocolate rabbit sucker, cadbury eggs, magic sponge thingys, special bubble thingy and sandbox stuff. My baby girl got a Thumper book, little things for her hair and a little fluffy chick that chirps.
    I have no idea how much I spent. I do know that the girls came home and asked me why some children got things like an Ipod touch, video games etc.. etc.. Whenever this comes up, like Christmas and Santa I have a simple answer that works. I simply tell them that if the parents of these children want them to have more than the average child, that Santa or the Easter Bunny requires the parents to leave some money out to pay for these extra things. It works like a charm!
    love your blog btw

  4. The Easter bunny would bring my sister and I the requisite chocolate, and then usually one special present each. I remember umbrellas one year, big chocolate bunnies another one, and shampoo another (we must have been older). I would also like to state (as this IS anonymous) that the Easter bunny continued to visit our family until we were well into highschool. 🙂

  5. As both my boys have winter birthdays, the Easter bunny does spoil them more than my husband would like. Along with the chocolate egges, Kinder Surprise Bunny, Animal cookies (for my one year old) and lollipop (my 3 year old's request), the Easter Bunny brought a yellow ride on loader tractor. The Easter Bunny was quite thrifty however and purchased it last fall on Kijiji for less than half the price.

  6. The Bunny left a trail of eggs leading to a little baggie of goodies for each kid. They each got a shovel for the sandbox, a Little chocolate, some raisins & cranberries (at least it wasn't lettuce & carrots – that's all bunnies eat, right), and new underpants for one, new sandals for another & new little shoes for the baby. "bunny, shoes!" "bunny, shoes!"
    The Easter bunny also snuck into my purse to leave cranberries & raisins for keeping the kids occupied in church. The kids wondered if he knew we were going to church, then answered themselves that "of course, if his name is Easter Bunny he must know all about Jesus's special day"
    Our grandmas & nanas were pretty decent about not overdoing it this year. A little bit of candy, some sticker books, and some new t-shirts was the sum total after three different family visits.

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