The new issue of Peterborough, Northumberland or Lakeridge Kids, depending where you live, has just hit the stands (and the net), and in it my latest article:  Babysitting FAQ’s.
Who hasn’t dealt with the problem of finding, training, and keeping quality teenage babysitters? I have to say, we have been extremely lucky: we’ve had an incredible babysitter ever since leaving Frannie for the first time at four months old, and when our sitter went away to University this fall, we began to train her younger sister for the job. There’s nothing like leaving your kids and being absolutely certain they are in mature, responsible hands. These girls have spoiled our daughters with love, attention, and more material gifts than tweens and teens need to be buying.

Check out the article, and while you’re there, explore the magazine’s website which includes back issues and more information about the publication. You don’t have to be local to benefit from reading this magazine. Although advertising and events are regional, most articles deal with general parenting and child issues which apply to all parents alike.

If you have any babysitter tips which aren’t mentioned in the article, feel free to leave a comment here and share with others!

2 comments on “Babysitting Questions and Answers”

  1. Nice write up Kate!!!
    Now can you show your article to teens who are interested in babysitting? I find they could beneift from your information for sure! I really liked your line about babysitters needing to be able to part with cell phones, ipods etc. Seriously, don't even walk into a home offering to babysit if you can't stay away from the new technological gadgets out there today!

    Does anyone pay less per hour when the kids are in bed and the babysitter is watching your t.v. and eating your munchies? I have many frinds that do that, just wondering if anyone else does? I guess it depends on the situation.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just learned this the other night at a Drug Awareness workshop and I thought I should share!
    Clean out medicine cabinets because the drug of choice for intermediate level students (the age of most babysitters) is Oxycontin and Oxycocet (aka OXY). These are prescribed medications that are readily available and many medicine cabinets have them. In the workshop, the Health rep and the Community Officer mentioned that more and more babysitters are taking 1 – 2 pills out of cabinets which of course is not being noticed by the owners. I never thought about this and as a Mom it worried me! Just thought I would pass this info along! Might be a good spring cleaning thing to do!

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