I was thrilled to be invited to chat with Kathryn Garforth from Right To Read Initiative not once, but twice this past week.

In the first video, A Journey to the Science of Reading, I talk about my teaching background, the ineffective practices I was using before, my deep dive into the science of reading, my “viral” Today’s Parent piece and my advocacy work. Book and podcast recommendations are included too. Links in the shownotes on the Right To Read Initiative website.


In the second, I take walk viewers through what a structured literacy program looks like in my kindergarten classroom: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension as well as how I incoporate writing and screening/assessment. I share lots of resources (I brought bags and bags home for the occasion!), and the links can be all found in the shownotes on the Right to Read Initiative website.


If you find these videos helpful, please share – and questions are always welcome!

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