There’s a reason I’m sharing these segment videos today (and not just because I want to offer ideas to help you support your child’s education) – it’s because it took a lot of effort to get them! I don’t mean the work that went into preparing the content and appearing on The Social; I’m referring to something far more technical.

I love helping parents when it comes to school, and I had these videos carefully embedded into my site back when I first make these appearances  – but those embedded videos required Flash player, which was being phased out by the end of 2020, and they weren’t available anywhere online anymore!

Thankfully I still had the episodes recorded on my PVR – so I captured the videos all over again and uploaded them to YouTube to keep them accessible. (First I tried saving them to an external hard drive, but then I couldn’t get the files from the drive to my computer…at least this gave me a project as I recovered from surgery.)

Take a peek at the topics below – one or more may pique your interest! (And if you don’t have kids in school, you could always admire the fashion, accessories, hair, makeup…while there are advantages of Skyping in I definitely miss doing TV segments live in-studio!)

Tips for School Success

Homework Help

Ask the Teacher

Back to School Tips

Mid-Year School Check-In

End of Year School Advice

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